It’s Saturday and I’m back in the computer labs. Today I don’t have many things to do. There was laundry to be done.. Which I had to go over to the coin laundry place across the street to get it done.

Doing laundry gave me some time to kill so I started sketching out some of the software components that I’ll need to write for my teamwork program. I think I’ll actually get the time to get it working this term. Just in time to use when my job search goes into full swing next term. Things are coming together nicely. I might find some time to do some more work on it tonight.

This morning I read another chapter of Napoleon Hill’s book “Think and Grow Rich.” It’s interesting to read a book written in the early 1900’s he makes references to the ether that enables radio vibrations to move as if it were fact. America was a different place 100 years ago. And the insights he gives into that are just as interesting as the topic of the book.

Today I came in to buy a couple of things from amazon.ca. I ordered “Robin Williams live on Broadway,” and “Comedy Writing Secrets” by Mel Helitzer, as well as something else. That should be a good book though, many people have recommended it. I love to see how things are coming together. This is the next step in my plan. What’s next? I’m not too sure, but I almost bought a couple of audio tapes on voice training… Just don’t have a tape player to listen to them on. Who uses audio tapes now anyway? I saw parts of the robin Williams thing a couple of years ago I just decided that I wanted to have a copy of something frickin hilarious to watch.

Lastly, I have a French test on lundi. Tomorrow may have to be dedicated to solidifying my vocab and grammar skills. I’m finding the grammar actually interesting now. Probably a result of reading a book.. “How to learn any language” by Barry Farber.

Wow lots about books in this post.