I got my books from Amazon already. They continue to impress me. I ordered them on the weekend and got them Tuesday morning. That was the free shipping option too. I’ll have to start reading some of those books tonight. But I’m saving the DVD for Friday night when I have nothing else to do.

The kernel is coming along. And it already boots and can give some printouts to the screen. Next thing to do is get it to start running programs. By next Friday a simple scheduling algorithm will be in place, and context switching between programs. Any extra time will probably go into developing some of the things so that c++ will be usable like dynamic memory allocation and stuff.

I got my first distributed assignment the other day. Just a writeup on various network configuations and protocols.. Couple hours work and it’ll be done. The second assignment should be a bit more interesting. It’s done in groups of two and we have to make a proposal and implement it. But I think it’ll have something to do with Remote Procedure Calls (RPC).

I finally got my iPod working with Linux. Now everything is beautiful. I can even grab songs off the ipod.. (iTunes won’t let you do that) And I have a couple of great tools for naming my files. I may write up a page about it for my site so that other people with the same problem have an easier time finding the solution.

If you haven’t noticed yet, I added comments to the blog. you can post comments. they are all emailed to me so I see all of them. I can also remove vulgar comments. Be careful what you say.