Today is an extremely busy day for me. There’s a career fair going on at RIM park that I want to check out. So I printed off a few copies of my resume to hand out at that event. Today is also the day of the Scaled launch and bid for the Ansari X Prize, unfortunately I didn’t get the time to watch the webcast. Later tonight there is the Space society meeting, there’s a pretty impressive group of enthusiasts on campus. So I want to see what those guys are saying. One of the guys talking this evening had a few work terms working on the Canadarm team. And they’re planning a trip to the place for later in the term, there’s also plans for building a model rocket… I’m sure mine will be more impressive.(in looks anyway) After that meeting there is a Job info session for Amazon.com that I want to attend.

It seems that the launch was a success. Good to hear.

So I spent all morning trying to fix up my resume.

Oh, and I bought a ticket to see DJ Jazzy Jeff on October 14th. Yes it’s the guy from Fresh Prince. I’m looking forward to that.

And also. I’m going to see if I can go to Toronto for October 29th weekend to meet up with a phil, dan, and joey.