So yesterday at the career fair I managed to find a few companies that I wouldn’t mind working for. There was Amazon.com, there was Green Hill (in California, they do real-time stuff), and there was a small company in Montreal called Cimmetry Systems that does a reader for a selection of CAD programs. Those were really the only companies that I handed a resume to. There were a few companies there that I didn’t expect to see, MDRobotics (wasn’t hiring CS), IBM, Nortel, Bell, CSIS, too many to name. It was a good event to go to.

The Space club meeting last night was interesting, they do a lot of things. There’s a tour of MD Robotics, skydiving, talks, movies, radio telescope array building.

The Amazon.com meeting lasted 2 hours last night. It was an interesting talk. The guys made the company look like a neat place to work. It’s run by engineers, all the way to the top guy Jeff Bezos, and the business guys run under the engineers. They have some serious software challenges because they strive to be extremely cheap. They’re running all Linux, and as much Open source as they can. Everything expensive that they have like Oracle DBs they’re trying to replace with things like MySQL… Not an easy task. Seems like a good environment to work in though.

Last night I read an interesting book. Can’t wait to be finished school. That’s all I’m going to say.

Anyway, back to the grind today, couple of follow ups on the jobs I applied for yesterday and then start my distributed assignment, work on the kernel yada yada yada.