Well it’s an exciting day. I got my first networks assignment and it’s a good one. I have to write a webserver. But not only is it a webserver. It also has to act as a type of proxy and mirror existing webpages. 2 weeks to do this on my own. It’s going to be fun.

this evening and weekend will be dedicated to French and real-time. There’s a French test on Monday. The real-time assignment is due at the end of next week. I also have to find time to finish my first distributed assignment also due next Friday.

Found out that I have to register for next terms courses on Tuesday. I spent a couple of minutes yesterday trying to make up a schedule that I like. But it’s not looking that good. Here’s what I got so far:

CS 488 Graphics on MWF @ 11:30-12:30

CS 486 Artificial Intelligence on TTh @ 11:30-1:00

French 250A Intermediate Spoken French 2 on TTh @ 4:00-5:30

Stat 231 on TTh @ 8:30-10:30 Not ideal!

I may have to switch AI with another course to avoid the 8:30 mornings. Figure it out later

So I watched Harold and Kumar go to WhiteCastle last night. Funny movie. I also watched the Robin Williams live on Broadway DVD. Also very funny.

Tonight. If there is time I’ll be watching The Iron Giant. Thanks Jamie.