The end of yet another week. And things are seemingly good. This weekend I’m writing a webserver. But it’s a long weekend so there’s time. French test next week to study for… that’s about it. really. I grabbed a couple of movies from Jamie to watch tonight, Ravenous, and Vidocq. Maybe I’ll find the time to do some more reading, or hacking on one of my projects.

So. yesterday I missed yet another interesting talk. There was a Phd grad from here, my age, that’s been a prof at MIT for 2 years already who gave a talk about computational games. He actually won the so called Genius award last year worth 1/2 million dollars or something. Stupid assignments getting in the way of my learning.

Next week looks packed. Monday off. French test Wednesday, microsoft talk Wednesday, DJ Jazzy Jeff Thursday, web server due Friday. And probably have to get interprocess communication supported in the real-time kernel.

I had to do a different French course from the one I wanted to do. Instead of doing an Oral class, I’m stuck doing more Grammar. All because the prof wouldn’t let me skip two classes to write stats midterms. Damn Stats. 2 2hour classes/week plus two midterms both scheduled in the evening. it’s a horrible class to schedule around.