So I missed posting yesterday because things have been getting too hectic for me. I ended up staying in the lab until 4am. Gross. To bed by 4:45, then awake again at 8am. Finished my French essay this morning and then went back into the lab. The web server project is junk, but I’m giving up on it and handing it in as is. Thank god I did it in python because without regular expressions parsing html would never have happened for me.

Bad news is that it’s started again. The distributed assignment is a 7-10 page single spaced size 12 font research paper on Grid computing with an implementation of a grid system and another 3 – 5 page documentation to go with the implementation.

And details of the next Networks assignment was leaked today in class. I have to implement a reliable transfer protocol along the same lines as TCP. I assume it’s going to be from scratch. This is one that I was looking forward to doing when I heard about the course. But now.. It looks like it’s going to be a lot of tedious coding and debugging.

Finally The next real-time assignment requires taking the kernel that we have been working on and enabling interrupt handling. So far we’ve been dealing only with software interrupts but now that the hardware will be causing them it will probably break all of our code. The thing is that this project is actually becoming funnier with every assignment

Tonight.. After a long wait I’m going to a concert. Hopefully there will be some good looking ladies there and Jazzy Jeff will help me find my groove.