The show last night was a lot of fun. Jazzy Jeff is too cool. I took a few video clips and one picture to remember the event… I love having digital video on my camera. I think I’ll post it here when I get it downloaded from my camera.

There were a few other DJs at the show that were doing their thing for a few hours befor Jeff showed up. They stayed up on stage to watch Jeff do his thing.. It was funny to see their expressions when Jeff would do some sick scratching.

Jazzy Jeff comes with a crew of about 6 other people. There’s the speaker (critical to the performance) who stayed on stage and rapped along with the beats. The coordination between Jazzy and this guy was impressive and showed that they obviously practiced their routine. there was a bouncer and 3 guys that seemed to just carry around the gear. they quickly got on the dance floor and were picking up all the hot ladies in the hall.

I want to remember how Jazzy smiled when he put on the nirvana record. He obviously loves what he does.

Few other things of note. It was the first time I was in Fed Hall and I was impressed with the layout. the entire back wall is a bar, then there’s another bar right infront of it but down closer to the dance floor. On one side there’s an area with tables and comfortable chairs and on the other there is a food spot ( fries or pizza or hotdog for $1 ). Front and center there is a large stage. and there’s an upper gallery that over looks the stage and dance floor. Also I thought it was strange at first but they don’t allow bottles on the dance level, so everyone has to pour their beer into cups before going down. It works out though.. No bottles getting kicked around on the floor.