staying late again tonight. this time not for a programming assignment but for a French paper. It’s easier to write with the help of the internet for ideas.

I finished downloading season 1 of Enterprise. Thanks Jamie. Hopefully I’ll be able to find the time over the weekend to watch a few episodes. But things are not looking good.

I think the end of this week puts me half way through the term. It’s nice to realize that things are actually moving along.

Classes for real-time will be cancelled for 2 weeks while the prof goes to some events. Hopefully that means that things will slow down enough for me to catch up with my other courses.

Started reading a book called ‘Grid 2’ for my Distributed assignment. It’s a good read and I’m starting to come around in my thinking of the topic. I used to be a bit pessamistic about it but they make it sound very interesting. Too bad its such a big book… I’ll never get through it all.

a demain.