Ok, my last posting was on thursday. I missed a few days because the wireless internet was down here at school over the weekend and I had a very busy friday. A lot has happened. Good news … the Networks assignment due date was pushed forward a week so I’ll have plenty of time now to finish it. Bad news .. I found out that I have a french test also on the first week of November, I heard back from NITI, and they told me that I wasn’t what they were looking for. Good news .. In the letter I got they seemed to generally like me, but were put off only by my lack of work experience.

And that got me thinking about my courses for next term. The truth is that course work doesn’t really count for development experience. But I’ve always been the type of student that prefered to take as hard a course load as possible. Next term I’m signed up to do Graphics which is supposed to be very interesting course… It requires us to build a rendering engine. The course is supposed to be rougher than Real-time, which this term is sucking away my time. So I think I’m going to be dropping that course and putting in something a little less work intensive. That way I should be able to find the time to finish some of my projects and get involved in some new ones.

For a long time now I’ve wanted to develop with the Gnome team. Right now that’s just not an option. I want to make sure that next term I’m able to get my fingers onto some of that code.

So I’ve been thinking about what courses I might like to do rather than Graphics.. But I can’t find anything.