I’ve started missing a few days here and there because my schedule has just exploded. Last weeks midterms put me behind on all my assignments. it’s brutal. This week I’m writing an almost trivial grid library, just two stubs and two servers. There’s also my Real-Time assignment… and yeah that’s not looking good at this point. I have to basically write a vga driver for the application and then do an interface in one week. My partner is working on getting the trains tracking working. Right now my program reboots the machine. In french I have to write a paper for Friday and then there’s a test on monday.

so I’m not getting as much sleep as I want.

yesterday there was a bit of a celebration here on campus to recognize the #1 ranking in Maclean’s. they’re were giving out free pizza. I never went though. apparently it was a frenzy.

real-time classes have been cancelled until the end of next week. which I appreciate very much.

I downloaded fedora core 3 yesterday. the beauty of having a laptop at school is that I can enjoy downloading at 1000KB/sec that’s an entire cd in about 10mins. But I’m going to wait before installing it because it’ll just get in the way of my school work.

But in the meantime I compiled a new kernel and got a bunch of little problems fixed perminantly. My burner is now working again, my ipod connects nicely all the time. I’ve noticed also that the battery life on my laptop is better now. about 3hours. that’s about twice what I was getting 8 months ago.