I think this friday night is going to be a long one.

last night and today I managed to finish writing the grid software that I had to do. It doesn’t really do anything but it felt good to code because I’m starting to get a feel for how to program sockets. I almost think I understand how to use them now. Except for a few bugs that took a while to fix it was very quick coding.

So tonight I’m going to be working on getting a vga driver for my kernel. it’s proved to be very difficult, but I’m starting to get somewhere with it. That’s going to be my thing to solve this weekend.

For the next networks assignment I have to implement a network level routing algorithm based on a shortest path algorithm. I’m hoping that it won’t be too bad but the last time I had to implement this algorithm it took me a while to debug, if I remeber correctly.

Tomorrow morning I’ll probably take some time off to watch the movies I downloaded this week… I’ve got ‘the Terminal’ and ‘Motorcycle Diaries’. I don’t think that I mention this but I picked up a movie last weekend called ‘CB4’ staring chris rock, it’s an interesting flic, old though.