Tonight is going to be a long long night. The next kernel assignment is due on Wednesday and I have my doubts that it will be done in time. I know that there are a couple of groups that will be staying all night. We have to finish a graphical interface that tracks the trains, judging from other people that have started that already.. its not easy. I don’t see any sleep in my future.

After the assignment is due I also have an assignment for networks that is due on Friday. I haven’t even been able to finish reading the assignment. That could be very bad.

I’ve been debating if I should take Graphics next term or not, the basic problem is this: I tend to be happier if I have a lot of work to do, and I don’t know if I have the motivation to keep myself busy.. because I haven’t in the past.

One more thing to think about now is grad photos. I have to get them now if I want them in the yearbook. and I don’t have time.