The trip to Montreal is over. It was interesting to have to travel there for just one 1.5hour interview. My impressions of Montreal have changed from the last time I was there. the downtown area of Montreal is a really nice place, it seems to be well laid out, lots of stores, offices and excitement. The malls in Montreal are really impressive, it’s really easy to get lost, turned around… everything seems connected the street store is connected to the underground mall which ends at the subway and goes up into office buildings. I regret not taking more pictures while I was there.

The strange thing is how bad the city looks on the way in… so much graffiti, ugly concrete pathways, there’s streets that were just cut off to make way for the highways, power lines are webbed out and look tangled. It just feels like there’s nobody doing any city planning, there are no cleaning crews, and no building codes.

I could definately live there for a while though, just keep me close to downtown.

The train was interesting. less stressful than a plane and more comfortable. On the way back to Toronto I was designated the person to open the doors in the case of an emergency. So I was given a demo of how to force the doors open. The train actually broke down about half way between Montreal and Toronto and the power went out for about 5 minutes while a mechanic took a look at things.

Toronto changed from the last time I was there. plenty of construction on the go now, trump towers, city hall one condos, ryerson is building something, and I saw plans for saphire tower.

I stumbled on to a small book, music, movie store on the street between the bus station and younge street that seems to specialize in cult classic films, and they’re all at very good prices. I picked up a copy of The Bourne Supremacy for $20.