I started to work on my microphone program while on the train going to Montreal. so far there’s just a couple of basic functions implemented. The real problem that I’m going to have to solve for the first useable version of the software is how to deal with getting input from multiple audio streams. So I’m going to finish writing some more of this until it theoretically will do something, and then maybe I’ll be able to convince some nice audio company to donate some hardware for me to develop on. I’ll probably discuss it with Mike over Christmas, as he should be able to tell me what kinds of hardware I will be needing. But I suspect that someone will donate something as long as I can sell the idea.

The idea is to use multiple microphones together to generate higher quality audio. an array of microphones will be able to use localization techniques to synch the audio, eliminate echos, reverb, and environmental noise by reinforcing each audio signal with others.

Ultamately, It should be possible to create a sort of 3D map based on sound. with this map a computer will be able to listen to noise from a particular source, and filter out everything else. Beyone that it will be possilbe to create a sonar based 3d image for night vision, or sonar based measurements of approximate distances, or generating 3d maps of rooms.

The technology doesn’t seem to be that difficult to understand, I’m kind of surprised that I haven’t heard anybody else working on this field.