The Networks exam was a breeze. In fact just before we started the exam the prof said it would only take us 1 hour to finish. Well he was way off there, but I finished at the 2 hour mark and took 30 mins to check it over. It feels good to go through a test and know all the answers.. haven’t had one like that in a while.

I recieved my package from amazon today. Apparently they sent it today as well. so either canada post can deliver in 4 hours or amazon lied to me. Either way the books look good, and I’m going to start reading them over the break. The movie (Return of the King).. I had to watch it as soon as I got it. Best. Movie. Ever. frickin’ long though. It’s an investment in time to watch the thing from start to finish. This is the 4th time that I’ve seen it, and I still cried like a baby. it’s rediculous.