Finished my Distributed final. Can’t say I’m that pleased with the exam, but hopfully the rest of my marks will be able to hold me through anything too bad. Probably should have studied for the final but there were other more interesting things to waste my time on.

I started reading the Linux Kernel Development book. It feels really good to be reading a technical book and understand all the concepts that they’re talking about. Having written an operating system this term, I can actually imagine the code that does what they say. Very cool.

Next exam to write is French. That should be a tricky one because there were so many grammatical structures that we learned this term.. and I suck at grammar. Got that one on Monday morning.

My last exam is Real-time, on Tuesday evening. there was basically no material per say, just a lot of assignment work. I’ll read the few pages of notes I have for the course, and then maybe read some more of the Linux book because it’s kind of on topic. In the end we got 36/40 on the assignment, which I can’t really complain about.

Finally, the trip to NYC is getting close. I’ve checked all the schedules, and there doesn’t seem to be any major problems except that I’m going to have to pay for taxis in order to make it to the airport on time for the departure flight. I’m still looking for ideas for things to do while I’m there. 5 days is a nice long trip, and I’m not bringing anything to waste my time.. there’s too much to see and I’m packing light.