last night I was invited to a Christmas dinner with the family upstairs. It’s great to have a nice feast.

Spent most of the day reading yesterday, I’m really speeding through that Linux book… French on the other hand has been going quite slowly, I’m crossing my fingers for an easy exam.

I’ve done a bit more reading about NYC. Found a couple of places that I wouldn’t mind taking a look at.. cheap places to eat and whatever. Unfortunately, while I was walking to the grocery store today I worked out my financial situation. Looks like this trip will have to go entirely on VISA and it will be paid for by student loans. I’m going to have to figure out how to get my student loan by the end of January too.

From reading that Linux book, I’ve already figured out a bunch of things that we did wrong in our kernel design. There is one thing that I learned that would have cut our code size down by about 800 lines. The implementation of the syscalls could have really been streamlined. There was a couple of scheduling things that I wish I had thought of while coding up our scheduler. And I might have stumbled on the reason why we had a race condition that caused the computer to freeze from time to time.

The other thing that I did yesterday was a quick calculation of how big our kernel was… 17,300 lines. That’s pretty sick.