Classes start tomorrow and so I’m in school just checking my schedule, and making sure things are all in order.

It feels good to be finally starting my last term, although it’s stressful too. Still no job prospects and This term might not give me a whole lot of time to be out applying. So I’m starting early. Yesterday I was looking up companies that I would like to work for in places that I want to live. Unfortunately the number of embedded Linux companies in New Zealand is close to zero, and there isn’t much in Australia either. Most of the companies that I want to work for are in the US which is cool because in general they pay really well.

I haven’t found any companies that are specializing in embedded Linux for robotics, which is something that I would love to get into.

I’m hoping that there’s nothing delaying my student loan this term, or else I’m going to have trouble. Actually I’m going to try to see if they are doing anything today, otherwise I’m going to check tomorrow between classes.

This term I have one of the schedules that’s not very good for getting things done. On Tuesday and Thursday I have classes starting at 8:30 and going until 2:30 with one 1 hour break. And on Mon. Wed. Fri. I have one class at 11:30-12:30. For the first time ever I don’t have any labs to do.