first day is done. There were some upsets and some successes. I’m already behind and I feel like I need to read by texts for the rest of the evening to catch up with what I did today. But I got my loan, which inspired me to pickup my books.

Stats is different from what I was expecting, and I think It’s going to be an alright course. Although from what I hear, there are a lot of people that do very poorly in it… probably because there’s no assignments. And strangly the final exam is worth 80% of the grade.

The Artificial Intelligence course is updated from past terms and I think the later part of the course will be dealing with some interesting problems. There’s a lot of theory and logical stuff that’s annoying but necessary with this course. I’m hoping that there will be some interesting programming assignments. It’s the first course that this prof has taught at Waterloo.

French is going to be tricky. It seems the farther into the courses I get the more inadaquate I feel about my french skills. A good portion of the class is pretty well fluent. I’m going to have to put in a lot of extra time into this course.

I have Graphics tomorrow.. it’s my only class tomorrow. Hopefully I can motivate myself to do some more reading or looking for jobs.

After a long sleepless night last night my cold is on its way out.