So yesterday turned out to be a great day. After I finished for the day I called up Bell to get my address fixed.. finally.. and now my bills will not be going to my neighbor. I asked the guy from bell if there had been any service interruptions.. there weren’t any, and he suggested that it was a hardware problem. But I didn’t want to bring in the phone to get it fixed so I had a go at it myself. Started with the standard hitting it.. didn’t do anything.. then I pulled the battery.. lo and behold I’m up and running again. Beautiful. I think it was a software bug in the phone, these things are not supposed to happen.

Checked the messages on the phone and found that I had gotten a call from Conscilient Technologies in Newfoundland of all places. I sent them my resume about 1 year ago, and they got around to giving me another shot at a job. Returned the call and set up an interview for Monday. I never expected to even apply to jobs on the island but if something lands in my lap, I not going to turn it down.

The past few days I’ve been thinking a lot about what I’m going to do with the batchler pad I’m going to set up after I get a job. It’s going to be sweet. And I’ll write down all the details when I find the time to get them organized.

This job in Newfoundland has got me thinking about having my motorcycle again. I was expecting to have to leave it in storage.

This term can’t end soon enough. So much excitement in moving on to new things.