This term has been started well. I’m doing my reading, and staying ahead of the curve. My impressions are that French may be my worst mark this term, just because the experience expected seems to have jumped up quite a bit over the course I did last term.

I’ve been diligently reading my AI text book. There is the offer to do a project in the course and I’m thinking of doing a research paper on Neural nets for an extra 5% in the course. I’m finding the course insightful but so far it has been very simple stuff.

We haven’t gotten into the meat and potatoes of statistics yet but I don’t think the course is going to be as bad as I expected. As long as I keep reviewing the stuff I’ll be able to do well in it. there’s going to be a lot of memorization so it pays to look over it often.

Having linux PCs at school means that I rarely have used my laptop this term for anything. So I haven’t been getting any new movies to watch.