It’s already week 4. And I’m still not really used to only having one class on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Spent most of the day trying to upgrade my version of Mono, so that I could try Beagle. Beagle is a project that does local search. It’s one of the programs that Nat Friedman is working on.

So I upgraded a lot of the software on my computer today, and I fear that things may be starting to get unstable. Nothing is crashing but, I’ve started to notice some bugs. I also have decided to submit some patches for the software that I’m using to get things working the way I want them to. in particular when I boot up evolution starts on the wrong desktop, and the notes start visible.

Yesterday I wrote a list of some of the things that I want to buy. Then I realized that things are expensive. And I don’t have any money… In fact I’m about $20,000 in the hole because school is expensive. So I’m just dreaming of the things I’m going to have one of these days.

I also added a few things to the list of books I want to read. Unfortunately the library here can’t carry very many good books. It’s sad but UW doesn’t have a detector at the doors of the library so people can just walk out with books. As a result, all the popular books get lifted, which means that they try not to buy good books. Complete BS if you ask me. All they have to do is tag the new books and put sensors at the door. What they’re trying to do instead is buy digital copies of the books so that we can read them online… Of course they haven’t started doing that yet.

Read some interesting speculation about Apple the other day. The idea that the Mac mini (which is on my list to buy) is positioned to be a media center for downloading HD movies from iTunes in the near future. The only problem that I see with that assessment is that the hard-disk on those machines is only 40-80Gigs. Not a lot for storing better than DVD quality videos. Even if they are only downloaded for limited viewing. Then there is the bandwidth. Even with a quality link it would take a few days to download a movie like that. Interesting idea, but I don’t think it’ll happen just yet.