David Suzuki was on campus yesterday to do some promotion for this 1 ton challenge thing. I never realized what a celebrity he is, but the talk he was giving sold out of tickets weeks ago.

There’s a Job Fair coming up on February 2nd, it’s on a Wednesday so I’ll have plenty of time to check it out. Like the one last year this is held at RIM Park, and there are buses running all day from campus. So today I took another look at my resume. I do my resume in XML so I downloaded the latest version of the resume DTD that I use, unfortunately the DTD changed a lot from the file I have. I’m going to have to spend some time updating the file to meet the new format. After that though I can export my resume back out into just about any format. I highly recommend using XML to format a resume. If you’re interested do a search for “Sean Kelly resume” and you should be able to find the package.

Tonight I’m going to be staying late to watch the Shrek movies. I haven’t seen the second one yet and I have wanted to for a while. $2 for 2 movies.

Tomorrow I’m focusing on my graphics assignment, actually that will be most of the weekend. Any free time will be spent trying to set up some new software on my laptop.

I really need to get another computer to be playing with. I don’t feel very safe using my laptop for trying bleeding edge software.