Tonight there is going to be a talk from one of the Microsoft kernel architects. It’s probably going to be one of the more interesting talks I’ve been to. That is as long as they go into some of the details. I’ve been wondering for some time how many people are working on the Windows kernel, and tonight is my chance to find out.

Tomorrow is the job fair. So this afternoon I’m going to write up a simple cover letter and then print out 10-15 resumes.

With only 2 months left to find a full-time job for after graduation, I’m starting to feel the push to get really active with it.

I’m still having trouble with getting a new kernel running. And I need the new kernel in order to test Beagle. There’s this new feature in the kernel that creates events for changes to files. It’s almost magical to have a search program like beagle add results to the search after creating a file on the console.

This is going to be a very busy week for me. There’s an AI assignment, Stats quiz and assignment, graphics assignment to start on, and a French essay. French is the one I should be most worried about.