it’s a busy day for me. two assignments due tomorrow, and I have to have them done before I can leave to go home for the evening because they need to be printed out. I haven’t yet started on my graphics assignment even though I think it’s going to be a long one. The AI assignment is due on Thursday and I haven’t read it yet. So things are getting a bit more stressful.

Next week is the start of the mid-terms for me. Somehow I’m going to have to find the time to read and study.

But it also means that I’m about half way through the courses. This term seems to be zipping by. Probably because I’m so excited to finally be done with it all.

Just wish I had time to get in and do some open source contributions. I have a list of bugs that I’d like to fix with the software that I use. But somehow when Friday rolls around I’d much rather go for a walk, or watch a movie.