I don’t think there are any classes tomorrow but it’s hard to find the details on the campus website.

yesterday I received my first CDs from my new subscription. mind blowing stuff. And I’m so glad I spent the money on it. It got me thinking about how much I’ve changed since I’ve been living on my own, and especially since Christmas. I’m thinking about some really interesting things. Something that I’ve been treating as an extra course for the past 8 months, has been how to date really hot women. It has introduced me to a bunch of interesting ideas, and completely new ways of looking at interpersonal interaction. It’s something that I always thought I could be above, just because I’m an intelligent person. But that is just not the case, in fact it’s the complete opposite, that’s why I need to be the ‘cool’ guy even more. So that’s what I’ve really been up to, developing a sence of style, finding out what tweaks a woman into feeling attraction, I’ve been reading about colognes and stance, about speech, humor, and acting. Anyway with a bit of practice, I will be like a rock star.

Other stuff:
bombed the graphics assignment.
I feel pretty good about the AI mid-term
I’m worried about the French mid-term tomorrow
There’s an installfest happening today, and hopefully I’ll be able to find someone that can help me with my kernel compilation problems.
there’s an info session for desire2learn tonight, it might be a good idea for me to check it out.
Novell is doing some amazing stuff. I want to work there, and I’m going to have to learn some skills. specifically, I need to get into Javascript and DHTML and C#.