Yesterday was interesting. I went to that info session from infusion development. It wasn’t what I was expecting but was even better. Afterwards I had a chat with the CEO.

The ray tracer is slow going, just because the code has to be very precise. So I had a chat with the TA about it to get some direction.

Tomorrow there’s another info session that I’m interested in attending for workbrain. They’re into stuff that I’ve been thinking about a lot like scheduling and workplace algorithms. It’s definitely a growing industry because efficiency is such a huge part of being a successful company and many people aren’t doing anything about it yet. There’s some construction work going on on campus that I find interesting, getting supplies in on a JIT schedule, having quick ways to get materials from the ground to the 3rd floor, how quickly can/should you put in the windows so you can do indoor work or have materials craned in rather than using elevators. I find it all very fascinating.

Google is going to be on campus for an info session next Tuesday. I think it’s their first one here. And I will definitely be attending.