I stayed last night until 5:30. I got a bit done but I’m still screwed.

Here in order of what things looked like for me last night as I added new features:

This is just bad.. I was trying a different sphere intersection method because the one I was using previously was reversing x,y,and z. I had to get out the paper and solve some math to fix this bug.

Only the spheres are implemented, there’s some diffuse and ambient light here.

This shows some specular light.

I still have to implement this stuff for meshes, and boxes, then hierarchical modeling. There is a bug in the shadowing stuff because there should be shadows in those pictures. I have to build up my own unique scene, and add some additional feature. I’m about 3/10ths done.

Good news is that I got my mid-term back and faired well.. better than I expected actually. Pleasant surprise because nothing seems to be going well for me these days. A very respectable 86.8% (16% above the average)

Bad news I got my French mid-term back yesterday, miserable 68%. That’s about 16% below the class average.

I wish I could watch some of the movies tonight and relax, but I’ve got to get at least 9/10 on this graphics assignment.