I was going to stay and do some more work on my ray tracer last night but after going to the mall to get my new footwear I decided to take the night off. So I watched a few of the movies I downloaded this week. Started with Finding Neverland.

Finding Neverland is an incredible movie because there’s something going on in it that I don’t understand. I’m going to have to watch it several more times to figure out how the writers made the movie so moving. It’s an example of how to do emotion right. And I don’t know how they did it. Fascinating.

Then I watched Sideways, it’s an enjoyable movie.

Ended the night with Top Gun. It’s a classic.

After all that, I sat down and fixed a bug with shadows. Here’s my latest pictures:

The problem here is because numerical accuracy is limited, and solving for the intercept gets rounded. If the calculated intercept is below the surface then when I see if there is a path to a light source the surface is in the way. The interesting thing here is that there is a pattern to the rounding errors.


When I was trying to get the box drawn I came up with this :

I don’t know what’s happening here. it’s supposed to be just a plane. Had to keep the pic though.