It’s done, over. I can now move on to more important things.

Like my AI assignment that I procrastinated, and is due tomorrow. And studying for my Stats quiz.

I made it home at about 3pm yesterday. For some reason I was still wide awake… I can’t explain it. But that put my time in school at 27 hours with one 1.5 hour break for supper, and to play piano.

I have lot’s of new pics from the final version of my ray tracer but I’m going to post them tomorrow.

This AI assignment that I have to start and finish is on Bayes Networks, which are decision trees. Reasonably interesting. I hope I have time to finish it.

The next AI assignment came out today, it’s pretty cool, and the only programming one that we’re going to get. I have to write a learning algorithm that looks at about 20 indicators and tries to diagnose colic in horses given test results. We’re using real data from a vet.