Tonight I’m going to watch the Princess Bride. Mathsoc is playing it for free. It is a great movie, and probably worth another watch. It’s written by the same writer as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

After the movie I’m going to send out a few more CVs. Probably to some companies back in St. John’s and Halifax. Originally I wasn’t going to go back but I figure, in order to start my world dominating business with Colum I should really be in the same province as him.

So I’m thinking about the O&G companies. I figure they could use a smart person like me. Although from their websites, there doesn’t seem to be much programming work that needs to be done. I’ll just toss my CV at them and see if they bite.

The one unfortunate thing is that I can’t go back to the job I had last summer because it is only offered to students going back to school in the fall. To add further insult, they’re doing some incredibly cool stuff this summer… real-time satellite data of seals positions to the web. It almost makes me want to sign up for grad school.

If anyone has any contacts for Tech companies in St. John’s feel free to send me that sort of stuff. There are not a lot of jobs available in the area so I need all the ins I can get.

This weekend I’ll probably get a start on my Graphics project and my final AI assignment. It’s going to be sweet to have those finished.

I just had my last mid-term ever! It feels good.

I’m still waiting to hear back from Google. I also want to send my resume to Novell, The problem is that getting a job in the US is tricky. The whole system seems kind of stupid and out dated to me because I feel more like a world citizen than belonging to any one country. I think I should be allowed to easily move from job to job anywhere in the world.