I’ve been thinking about how to properly implement my graphics project. and It seems that it should be done with an event driven graphics system. In an event driven system, something happens asynchronously and causes things to happen, in my case it would be ideal if when the leg touched the ground a collision would be detected which would cause a change in the walking algorithm. Problem is that building an event driven anything from the ground up requires a heroic effort. So this program is going to be a hack. It was a bad idea to do this project and I should have just added a few more things to my ray tracer instead.

At least I understood how the ray tracer was working. OpenGL is just too massive of an API for me to get something really nice working in 2 weeks. I’m a little scared.

But now that I’m stuck with the proposal, I’m going to have to get something working. Even if I just get a ball bouncing down a hill for my final project I’d be happy.

I just had a large coffee.