There’s only an hour or two left of work left to do on my AI assignment. Then I can put that away.

Tonight I’m going to be writing a story in French. I think it’s going to be a fictional mixture of my trip to New York for Christmas and the movie Roger Dodger. I don’t have to have it all done by tommorows class (I hope) but I’m going to try to get it done early and have someone read it over before I hand it in.

The more I think about heading back to NL for the summer the more the idea is winning me over. But I have to find a place to live. After living alone for so long I expect my independance, I can’t give any of that up at the moment. So I’m looking for an apartment, a one bedroom apartment… perhaps two, if I could find someone cool enough to live with. You know what I found out? Apartment hunting in St. John’s sucks.