back for some more.

This is the last week of class for me.

I’m trying to come up with a few more money making ideas for this summer. Robots with colum will be good. But I’m thinking about starting something in the web based services area. I’d like to develop some chops with the newer web development techniques this summer.

Something else I’d love to do is get together with some people to work on some projects once a week at starbucks or something. Maybe work on a business, or hack some open-source software together. Basically some resume fodder. But also because the right project could quickly become a new fad followed by being bought up by Google or Yahoo or something.

I finished watching the Earth 2 series. They had some interesting ideas but most of the stories were useless. It is an interesting premise, but I think they went in the wrong direction. What surprised me the most is how much I forgot about the show. In fact in fact the only things that I remembered from watching it while it was on TV was the faces of a couple of the characters and the vehicles. Strange the way that human memories work.