I think I finally cracked it. I’m going to code it up tonight and see if my solution works. Once things are crashing I can get them bouncing and rotating and do momentum calculations.

Other things are semi implemented. the terrain is being drawn but I’m writing a small seperate program to generate height maps to display… not more than 2 hours work. The Texture mapping is coming along, I wrote up a function for parcing BMP files into textures. I just need to find some example code for how OpenGL applies textures to objects and that’ll be another objective complete.

The last thing is force propogation. it’s going to require a mouse interface to apply forces to the model, and then propogate the forces through a model bending the joints appropriately. Very tricky.

The walking isn’t going to happen without a complete rewrite and redesign so that I could interactively use my scripting language to generate movements based on events happening in the model.

3 days of class left.