I was greeted this morning by a phone message from Colum, my good friend, and business partner. It turns out the summer job is almost guaranteed. And furthermore, we’ll end up getting a laptop each and a Sun box to play with. The office, is the old office of a division manager, which means we get a window. There also seems to be the possibility that we’ll be issued permits to drive government vehicles.

So now the board is set, the pieces in place. Now it’s time to make my move, it’s agressive, bold, and full of peril. but the rewards are huge, billions of dollars, fame, power, and of course many beautiful women throwing themselves at me. With a job behind me, I can finance the building of prototypes, buy a computer, set up a new website. I can buy the books that I have to read.

I’m excited.

Things that I have to do this summer include:
make a website for mom.
read a LOT of books
learn about Ajax (a mix of javascript and XML to create dynamic webpages)
look into starting a web business (I have many ideas)
do some open source projects with a small group (maybe at starbucks on the weekend)
Robotics R&D

Things to buy this summer include:
snowboard and gear
Mac Mini
web domain name
lots of books