Plan for the next week is to read a lot.

I’m going to spend some time every day working on facial expressions in the mirror. Dorky? not at all. Since JFK, Napolean, and Marolyn Minroe did it too I’m in good company. I’m also going to work on creating emotion in my voice, Napolean did it, and it helped him summon armies. So it can’t be such a bad thing to do.

The book I’m reading now is “the Art of Seduction” by Robert Greene. pure genius. Well researched. An enjoyable read. Infact it might just be the first book I will ever read more multiple times.

Next on the list is a book on Massage. Why? Seems like a good thing to know about.

I was plesantly surprised today with how easily I memorized a French story. Maybe I’m not as bad at French as I thought. But my exam tomorrow is going to be tricky. if only because the class is about half filled with people that did french immersion in high school. And after a mid-term exam that had a 87% average I think the prof may make the final a bit tougher.