It’s all over! Stats went better than expected as did French.

This day marks an epic change in my life. A turning point from old to new. I have different goals, and new paths to take.

Tomorrow I’m going to write up my detailed plans for making millions of dollars over the next year. I can’t give you all the details, but it involves, robotics, stock markets, web sites, artifical intelligence, women, and taxes… among other things. Colum and I have to incorporate our Halotis venture, and begin with the R&D as soon as possible.

So this summer I expect to work harder than I have on both Graphics, and Real-time together. To make it more pleasant though, I’ll have good friends around, and I’ll be seeing the monetary rewards. Both of which were seriously lacking in Waterloo.

To prepare for my return one week from today. I’m going to do some coding, some reading, and some shopping.

How can I meet Danny Williams?

In other news:
This morning I was refered to a job with natural resources canada working on a project sponsored by the Candian Space Agency to work on the CTVA (Canadian transportable VLBI Antenna) which I believe is used to track things in space… very cool. I had to turn it down though because it was part-time on call for only 3 hours a week. Just not worth it.