The final confirmation has been given. I will be officially employed this summer with DFO. Sharing an office with my good buddy Colum.

went for a long walk today. The construction going on in Waterloo is just mind blowing, this city is booming. there’s digging at seemingly every corner. The ground here actually makes me a bit jealous. All those times I’ve spent trying to dig a small hole in the backyard back in St. John’s only to hit a massive rock just below the surface, bend the shovel, get sparks with the pike, and have shards of rock fly into my leg. Here it seems like a sharp shovel could be used to easily dig a hole to china. It’s like cutting butter with a hot knife. So when I saw some dirt trails through some woods, maybe I shouldn’t have been so surprised and jealous to find some massive dirt jumps. trails through the trees that had nice bikeable bumps, and not the rocks and roots that make trail riding impossible in St. John’s.

I walked my way up to a spot that I went to one year ago. it was a place that just one year ago was several hundred acres of cleared land. Now… There’s a massive retirement home nearing completion, A new high school with kids already attending, and hundreds of homes people already moved in and the grass growing. There’s also a primary school there under construction as well as a small strip mall. it puts to shame all the construction efforts I’ve ever seen in NL.

The university is in the process of building a new road on the north campus… they built one last year too. And there is construction going on at least 5 buildings on the north campus… 4 brand new massive buildings and one got a face lift and what looks like a new parking lot.