I’m all packed and ready to go. But carrying my luggage to Toronto is going to be a pain in the ass. I’m actually throwing out a lot of stuff that I don’t need anymore. Only one box got put in the mail. Everything else is going into the two pieces of luggage that I brought with me.

The landlord let me drive their car to the post office this morning. Feels good to be behind the wheel again. I can’t wait to get my motorcycle on the road.

Tomorrow morning I’m going to be taking the 8:30 bus from downtown kitchener into TO. put my bags in a locker, and go do some shopping. On my list of things to get, is some cologne, some shea butter, and a pair of jeans.

At around 2:30 I’ll get the bus to the airport. 4:30 I’ll take off. there’s a stopover in Halifax, before getting St. John’s at about 10pm.