I’m Back!

After a summer of not documenting what I’ve been up to I’ve decided to get back into the swing of posting to my blog. Plenty has happened over the summer.

I’m starting to work on a few projects now that I’m back at home, everyone has left the city, and I have lots of time to bum around. It’s kind of sad but when people are around nothing ever gets done. These projects will be completed under the HalOtis brand to help establish the legitimacy of my little business.

Project I: building a racing shell. I’ve looked at a few designs, building techniques, and come to the conclusion that I could build one in the basement/outdoors that would be pretty good. The ones that I looked at cost in the range of 3 to 8 thousand dollars, and making it on my own might cost as much as 1 thousand including rigging. In addition I’ve been wanting to play with some composite construction techniques for a while now. While a rowing shell might not be the most usable boat for me, it should be a good one to go through the process of designing it, and I could sell it at the end of the process to turn a profit. If I do things right I should be able to go into production fairly easily.

Project II: I’d like to start working on implementing a few papers about sound locating. There has been some good work done in the underwater world of sonar but the systems available today for ecolocation, and microphone arrays leaves a lot to be desired. It’s a niche market that I think has a lot of room to grow, especially in the recording and voice recognition systems.

Project III: Get myself out of Windows at home and back into Linux, I’d like to play around with MySQL, python, PHP. I’m still looking for a good project to give me a reason to ditch this nice google software that’s Windows only.

Project IV: find a job and work out financial details for moving away next April.

Well that’s all I got so far for things to do over the next 8 months of winter. Wish there was more, but I’ll see how far that much gets me.