I have to advance my timetable a bit from what I was expecting over the next year. I found out that the end date for my job as it stands is February 28th. Two months less than I had budgeted for. That means I’m going to have to recompute my finances for the end of Feb. And figure out what I can expect to have saved up by then for a move to a warmer climate.

To start with, I’m going to be putting out some resumes soon. If I can get a job from here, then my decision is made for me of where to move. In that case the size of my savings account won’t be a huge issue either. So, finding a job provides me with the path of least resistance… Now just have to find one.

I’ve been working on the blueprint plans for my boat. so far so good. I’m a little concerned about the depth of the boat as well as designing the curve in the hull. To define the curve I’ve gone back to my old friend matlab to help fit some splines.