One thing that I’d love to see in St. John’s is a construction company that knew how to build things on a schedule. The street I lived on with John Whelan was getting a new sewer line put in… it should have been a 2 week job… but it took at least 3 months. The bridge to the hospital, a vital piece of roadway, has been closed for at least 2 months already.

I’m not sure what the killer issue is with this, but it seems to be some mixture of:

  • Unions – I dislike unions. they have a way of making things drastically inefficient.
  • Poor planning – my street was dug up and redug up countless times to lay one sewer line.
  • Lack of any Prefabrication – especially with a vital roadway. And realizing that the weather here sucks on over 50% of the days of the year prefabing in a warehouse should be a no brainer.

If I had the capital to invest, I might start my own construction company. At first I’d just have the warehouse with the tools, and contract out the onsite assembly to the existing companies. Unfortunately I don’t think the banks would finance a 23 year old with 10s of millions of dollars for a startup.