It’s turned out to be a slow month. But I’ve made some progress on a bunch of my projects.

The jewelry stuff is now set up, and I made a silver ring to figure out the techniques. The next step is to pick a design and build it to spec.

The boat has been delayed due to financial issues. Unless Dad wants to foot the bill, I have my doubts that it’ll get built.

I started work on another project instead. I’m going to leverage the fact that I have plenty of computer hardware available to me at the moment that’s just taking up space. So I stripped down an old PII 350 last night and installed Ubuntu Linux on it. I’ve been waiting patiently all summer for a book to arrive from amazon called Linux Robotics. And that, along with the computer should be enough to get started on some interesting software projects.

Last night I finally put together the last pieces of my snowboard… and now I’m wondering if I should sell my board and get one that properly fits me as opposed to the one I picked up for $50 over the summer. I’m pleased with the bindings and boots though. And I can’t wait for some snow so I can try it out.