Things are moving along.

Dad is thinking about doing building a sail boat over the winter.

I’ve started a new Bank account for use as a place for savings. it will give me the ability to organize my cash while I store away money for moving in march. At the same time I’m opening an investing account to toy with a few stocks. I’m also thinking about starting an RRSP, and get myself on a $25/month plan.

The trip to the bank yesterday was pretty interesting. I found out that I could easily get approved for a $120 000 mortgage. Which means that I could actually buy a house tomorrow if the mood struck me.

In other news. The HalOtis business venture is starting to gain even more excitement and we will soon be investing time and money into creating some intellectual property. The specific project is still a little hush hush, but we have been in talks with Dalhousie University about possible funding. The one thing that I can say is that HalOtis is moving into the space technology market with a robotic development project. We’ve already gone through some initial draft designs and are ready to commence building. I’m psyched about it.

My long term plan for the next year is still on schedule. I’ve made the decision that if I don’t have a position offered to me for March 2006, in a city that I would like to live in, then I’m packing up and moving to Vancouver. Vancouver offers me the things that I’m looking for in a place to live. Access to the outdoors, ocean, and good skiing, and is a large metropolitan city that’s multicultural, has good job prospects, and mild winters. The added benefit that I won’t have to deal with leaving Canada means no messing with visas, and immigration laws.

That’s it.