I’ve been inspired yet again with another business opportunity. Me and my team are still working on a marketing plan, and trying to find a name. Names are frickin hard to come by these days because just about every arrangment of letters before a .com has been bought.

This all came about when I realized that I had actually made money with my Google Adsense account (see ads above) Not a lot of money, but enough to make me think that there could be some serious profit to be made if I could create a website that would attract a larger crowd. Then I remembered reading a Slashdot story about a blogger that was pulling in a six figure income from his blog. It wasn’t even really a great site, except that he was writing stuff that had mass appeal.

I put it all together very quickly in my head. And together with my ambition, the ideas starting flowing. That is until we hit the roadblock. A name.

a good name is like a wheel. both should be very simple. Finding the right name can be a challenge, which makes me wonder about how hard it would be to invent the wheel had I not seen one before.

Well anyway, The site yet to be named will be about engineering projects and news, a mix of mythbusters and slashdot is the way I’m thinking about it right now. But of course that could all change tomorrow.