Post 300

I’ve made 300 posts to this blog. I can hardly believe it. It makes me feel extra special.

The whole thing with the Canadian Government dissolving and calling an election is in some sense good and in another it’s just a pain in the ass. In my opinion, Canada is in the strongest position it has been in as long as I can remember. Budgets are in surplus, the dollar is soaring. Compared to the other G-8 countries I think Canada has taken first place over the past few years in terms of economic growth, debt reduction, employment. Those are the key things that matter to me from a government. This call for change made by the opposition makes no sense to me. Why change a plan that has resulted in the country finally flexing it’s economic muscles.

Well there is room for improvement but calling an election has resulted in needless spending to boost votes, the Liberals have decided to throw around cash at the last minute. When to be honest I prefer the idea of putting the entire surplus onto paying the debt. It seems to me that a sound budget leads to a rich economy, which means more employment, and more free time. Look at Norway, only a nation in surplus could require it’s citizen’s to take 2 months off work per year. With that kind of time off family life improves, it’s easier to devote time to rasing kids. You can spend more time working on your house, or dabbling in your hobbies.

The only way I can see Canada getting to that point is if it really focused on improving effeciency in the public service. (I should know, I work in it) and paying off the debt asap. I don’t want a 20% GDP debt, I want -20% debt. I want to be loaning more money out so that that 20% GDP is paying Canada 5% interest. Canada’s GDP (2004) was $1.023 trillion. 20% of that would be about $200 billion of which 5% is $10 billion. $10 billion more than half the GDP of Newfoundland and Labrador ($18 bln in 2003) and more than twice the Provincial Budget ($4.0923 bln forcast for 2005-06)

would the NDP take such an appoach? hell no! The Conservatives? doubtful.