State of the

Today we added advertising to The Brig. Then Colum spend a large part of his day promoting the site.

Surprise to me that it made a huge difference. So we spent the day watching our traffic, where are people coming from, how often, how long. It’s very addictive, and very dynamic. I’m telling you that if people knew how to do this it could easily take the place of gambling.

If this site was an experiment to test the feasibility of making money online, then it was a success. Now we can focus on becoming even more of a place that people want to come and read the news. The thing I discovered about this is that the internet is more dynamic than even I thought. There’s so many people around, and having a link back to my site from a bigger news site results in an instant boost of traffic.

Having near real-time access to the amount of money my ads are making changes it into a game. How many dollar points can I make today, can I beat yesterday, and what can I do today to get people over to my site? There’s an interesting decision that has to be made, do I add more content, or do I advertise? How can I boost myself in Google results, put myself on Slashdot, or cnet? What are the relative benefits to each?

It’s a beautiful complicated game.