Stocks, and Banks

Last week I opened a self directed investment account with CIBC. All was looking good except that I expected the account to be useable by now. The one stock that I was going to buy last week (AMD) is already up almost 10%.
I find Banks to be extremely behind the times. I want my banking information pushed on me in the same way that I can have stock quotes, and news items constantly streaming across my screen. I want to be able to have a command post with powerful money organizing schemes, like folders for different savings goals, and schedule the movement of my money into those folders to around to other bank accounts as a function of when I make a deposit, as well as percentages of deposits and the usual weekly/monthly transfers.
Is there a reason why the banks seem to never give the information I want over email? even if it was just a notice.. “you bill is ready, login to see it”. etc. or “money was just transfered to Bell Canada, login for details.” I mean the only reason why I don’t have my bills auto pay themselves is because it’s too easy to forget that I’m moving my money around.
As for my stock buy, I might have lost the run, but I still think it has enough potential that I’m still going to make a buy on it when my account is activated